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 Scope of Work

A-Electrical Consultant design and specifications
B-Electrical Engineering supervision and technical support .
C-Electrical contractor.
D-Arbitration disputes engineering expert



 Works in details
1 - Power substations and transmission networks. 
2 - Solar power station and all applications of solar energy.
3 - Electrical networks inside and outside buildings.  
4 - Grounding systems.  
5 - Power transformer, under & over head cables.
6 - Frequency converters 50: 60 HZ & 50: 400 HZ.
7 - Electrical power panels low tension and medium tension.
8 - Explosion proof electrical systems
9 - All modern electrical systems (light current systems) as:    
               -Fire alarm system- Sound system.
               -Telephone system-paging system.
               -Satellite receiving system.
               -LAN & Data systems-data show system.
               -UPS system.
               -Security system-CCTV system.